Pokemon Battling Coin Game to kolekcjonerska gra. Wydawana była w kasetkach, przypominjących opakowania płyt CD-ROM. W każdej kasetce znajdowały się 3 monety Pokemon oraz instrukcja do gry. Każda moneta na powierzchni posiadała hologram. Wydawcą gry była firma Hasbro. Gra polegała na kręceniu monetami tak, aby spotkały się ze sobą i zatrzymały wspólnie, poprzez odczytanie krawędzi, którymi się dotykają, można było odczytać zwycięzcę pojedynku.

pokemon battling coin game okładka kasetki zawierającej monety z pokemonami
pokemon battling coin game okładka kasetki zawierającej monety z pokemonami
pokemon battling coin game instrukcja kasetki zawierającej monety z pokemonami
pokemon battling coin game instrukcja kasetki zawierającej monety z pokemonami
pokemon battling coin game instrukcja kasetki zawierającej monety z pokemonami


  • 3 Collectible Brass Pokemon Battling Coins
  • Coinholder with Battle Charts


  • Arrange your coins in the order you think will help you win. (Helpful Hint:
    It’s better to put coins with Poké Balls on the top of your pile and coins with Potions on the bottom.) Place them in a pile facedown in front of you.
    These form your active Pokemon pile.
  •  Each player needs 3 coins to play a short game. If you own a second set of 3, add them as long as each player has the same number of coins.


To knock out all your opponent’s coins!


  • Choose who goes first. That player goes first until the end of the game..
  • Both players: Flip your top coins over to reveal your battling Pokemon. Now spin them fast!
  • First player: Stop your coin first with your index finger and move it slowly toward your opponent’s spinning coin.
  • Second player: Stop your coin and slide it slowly toward your opponent’s so that both coins touch.
  • Both players: Compare the coin’s wedges where they touch and check the charts printed on the inside of the cardboard coinholder.

If your coin wins: Use it again for the next battle.
If your coin gets knocked out: Put it to the side. Flip over the next coin in your active pile and spin it to fight the winner’s coin.
If neither coin wins: Both players re-spin the same coins.

About Wedges

See the illustration: Every coin has an outer ring divided into 4 or 5 wedges. Each Pokémon has a basic color. Example: Electric Pokémon have mostly yellow wedges.

There are 4 types:

Knockout Wedges, Poké Items, Special Attacks & Numbered Attack Wedges.
See Battle charts inside the cardholder: They explain what beats what!


Knock out all your opponent’s coins, and you win!


You can play the Battling Coin Game with more than one friend! Each player needs a team of at least 3 coins, as long as each player has the same number. The object of the game is to knock out everyone else and be the last player with active coins. Youngest player goes first You always attack the player on your left. Each turn ends when a coin gets knocked out.
Then play passes to the left until all but one player’s coins are knocked out.

To spin effectively, coins should be played on a hard, smooth surface.

Battle Outcome Chart

Wedge/Action to Take

Knockout vs. Knockout – If one of your knockout wedge colors matches your opponent’s basic color, you knock the coin out. If each knockout wedge matches the other coin’s basic color, they knock each other out. If neither coin matches, you both re-spin.

Knockout vs. Poké Item – If knockout wedge color matches Poké Item coin’s basic color, Poké Item coin gets knocked out. If it doesn’t, use Poké Item.

Knockout vs. Special Attack – If knockout wedge color matches Special Attack coin’s basic color, Special Attack coin gets knocked out. If it doesn’t, use Special Attack.

Knockout vs. Number – If your knockout wedge color matches opponent’s basic color, you knock the coin out. If it doesn’t, opponent knocks you out.

Poké Item vs. Special Attack – See Poké Item Chart. Use Poké Item. Ignore Special Attack.

Poké Item vs. Number – See Poké Item Chart. Use Poké Item. Ignore number.

Poké Item vs. Poké Item – Both players re-spin.

Special Attack vs. Number – See Special Attack Chart. Ignore number.

Special Attack vs. Special Attack – Both players re-spin,

Number vs. Number – Higher number knocks out lower number. If it’s a tie, both players re-spin..

Spinning a Line – If both coins touch on a line, re-spin. If your coin touches on a line, look at wedges to left and right of line. If both wedges will beat opponent’s wedge, your coin wins. If neither will win, your coin is knocked out. Otherwise, both players re-spin.

Special Attack Chart

Attack/Action to Take

Hypnosis! Sing! Sleep! – You make your opponent’s Pokémon coin fall asleep, so turn it to its lowest attack number. Now re-spin your coin. If the result doesn’t knock out your opponent’s coin, or if you spin this attack again, the sleeping coin wakes up and you both re-spin.

Bind! Furyl Wrap! – Your opponent’s coin stays on the same wedge. You now have 3 spins to knock it out. If none of your coin’s wedges can beat your opponent’s current wedge, you are automatically knocked out. If you can’t knock out your opponent’s coin with your 3 spins, your coin gets knocked out.

Confusion! Poison! – Your opponent’s coin returns facedown to the bottom of his or her active pile. If it’s your opponent’s last active coin, it gets knocked out.

Dream Eater! – You knock your opponent’s coin out and return one of your knocked-out coins to the bottom of your active pile.

Boom! – Your coin self-destructs!
Both coins are knocked out.

Transform! – Your coin changes into your opponent’s coin! Use the highest number on your opponent’s coin as your own attack number!

Poké Item Chart

Item/Action to Take

Poké Ball – You may switch your current Pokémon coin with any other coin in your active pile. Reorder the pile if you want. Both players now re-spin. If this is your last active coin, ignore this action- both players re-spin

Potion – Return one of your knocked-out coins to your active pile, facedown. Place it anywhere in the pile without looking at the other coins. Then both players re-spin. If you don’t) have any knocked-out coins, you both re-spin.

Double – DOUBLE any number that comes up in your next spin. Both players now re-spin, and the battle continues. If you spin 2x again (and aren’t knocked out), your original 2x attack is wasted and both players re-spin.

pokemon battling coin game monety z kasetki z grą pokemon
pokemon battling coin game poke item chart
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