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Pokemon Chipicao Stickers Series 2

Pokemon Chipicao Series 2 Stickers133/160 83% POKEMON CHIPICAO SERIES 2 DESCRIPTION Chipicao Pokemon Series 2 – The collection counts 160 double-sided stickers. They were added to Chipicao’s croissants, one package contained a sachet with two cards. The stickers had a dedicated album, after collecting the entire collection, and sending it to the manufacturer, one received …

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pokemon chipicao naklejka pikachu

Pokemon Chipicao Series 1

Pokemon Chipicao Series 1 Stickers126/160 79% POKEMON CHIPICAO SERIES ONE Pokemon Chipicao Series 1 – This is a series of 160 two-torn stickers. They were added to Chipicao-branded croissants. They depicted Pokemon from the First Generation (Kanto), such as Charmander, Bulbasaur, Articuno and Kabutops, as well as trainers known from the animated series. 1. Bulbasaur …

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