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Packets of Cheetos chips have featured many well-known series over the years. In the beginning, supplements were released for chips with Cheester, the mascot of the crisps. Then Pokemon Tazo, Star Wars Tazo, Yu-Gi-Oh! Tazo or Metal Tazo were released.

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Chipcao are croissants with filling. Chipicao Pokemon Chipita are two of the most famous series released by the manufacturer. In addition to Pokemon stickers, the company issued collections where the main motif was Chipi, the boy known from the croissant packaging. There was also a series of Chipi Zoo stickers, which depicted animals found on all continents.

chio logo


Chio Chips is best known for its Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT card series. There are a total of 202 kats from 9 series to collect. The second best-known collection is the Star Wars Chips fold-outs. In addition to these collections, Chio has been releasing its own series, such as Merry Fun and Tournament of Four Powers cards and tazo.

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Crunchips released by far the least known collections, they were also added to other Lorenz chips, namely Peppis or Curly. Action Man cards and stickers were the only known brand, created under license from Hasbro. Like other manufacturers, they issued their own series of collectible additions to the chips. An example of such a series is Crunch Land, which was meant to represent an invented sign language.

lays logo


Lay’s is the most recognizable brand of salty snacks in the world. They also released popular collectible series under very well-known brands. The most sentimental are the famous Pokemon Tazo, other well-known series include Lord of the Rings, Heroes IV and Star Wars. Lay’s used to produce only plastic extras for the crisps.

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Leaf has been publishing plastic Tazo. They are one of the oldest series released. They have series such as Jurassic Park, Space Jam and Garfield. Also up for grabs was a series of horror movie caps from the 1980s-90s, Horror Caps.

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Mr. Snaki is, next to Star Foods, the largest distributor of chip additives. It mainly ran its own Tazo and cards. They have released franchises of brands such as Disney and Generator Rex.

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Great Battles, Motomania, Music Parade and Hercules are just a selection of collections from Star Foods. Unlike Lay’s, Star Foods only issued cardboard add-ons for the crisps. Cards and Tazo were very often added to a package of crisps without any foil or paper protection.


A roster of other collections, Danone, Campina or Twistos, which released the Pokemon Trio Tazo, the only tokens with a triangular shape.

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