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Pokemon Merlin Stickers Series 1

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Pokemon Merlin stickers series 1 is a collection of 276 stickers. They depicted creatures from the first generation. There was a sticker album for the collection, the descriptions of all Pokemon are identical to the Chipita sticker album.


If you live in Pallet Town, your tenth birthday is extremely exciting – you can start collecting Pokemon! Kids get a Pokemon license, then visit Professor Oak at the Pokemon Research Center, where they pick up a free Pokemon. For the kids of Pallet Town, it will be the first of many – there are a hundred and fifty of them all, you can tame them and send them into battle – winning the honorable title of “Pokemon Master” is a great challenge. The race for the title of “Pokemon Master” started badly for ten-year-old Asha – he overslept! The last Pokemon left at the Pokemon Research Center was one of the electric mice – Pikachu. Having saved Pikachu in his catalog of creatures – called the Pokedex – Ash sets out to find more pets. Ash is happy to have his own Pokemon, but the excitable Pikachu is sure to cause them trouble! For Ash, a long journey begins, a race with other kids, in which all Pokemons are at stake!

When you’ve collected 150 Pokemon, don’t think that makes you the best Pokemon master in the world – there’s an additional one hundred and fifty-first Pokemon! This final, mysterious creature is Mew.


There are more than 150 different types of Pokemon, each with its own abilities and special powers. Many of these magnificent creatures can evolve and become different Pokemon with new characteristics and attack skills. But how is a Pokemon Master candidate supposed to figure out all these types of creatures? And how do you find out which Pokemon can evolve and what will grow out of them? To help you become a Pokemon Master, we’ve prepared this guide to the different types of Pokemon and highlighted some of the most interesting cases of evolution.


Don’t be fooled by the gentle nature of most Pokemon – Insects. With proper training, they can stand up to the best. Although many Pokémon – Insects look harmless before evolving, such as Caterpie and Weedle, in transformed form, as Butterfree and Kakuna, they have powerful attack forms


These rare Pokémon look majestic and magnificent. In action they are an overrated sight, especially in the heat of battle, and any tamer who owns a Pokemon – Dragon – has reason to be proud. These Pokemon are so unique that it takes an exceptional tamer to capture even one. Are you up to the challenge?


If you mess with one of these common Pokémon, you’re in for a shock. Charged with electricity, they can shock opponents with lightning-fast attacks. Pikachu is perhaps the most famous of all Electric Pokémon, but don’t forget the powers of the other creatures in this group, especially some forms that have evolved.


These brave Pokémon are bred for warfare, and as a result, they are disciplined, proficient in the craft of war and never give up without a fight. If you manage to capture one of these powerful Pokémon, you will gain a valuable ally.


Let them burn! These fantastic flaming Pokémon know how to behave in the heat of battle. When attacked, they respond to fire with fire and rarely retreat. You should treat these avid creatures with respect otherwise you could go up in smoke.


Although there are only three of these amazing ghosts, the number is enough to send a shiver of terror through even the toughest Pokémon tamers. If one of the Ghost Pokémon comes to scare you, you’d better quickly call out for help from your friends, as these Pokémon’s attacks do the most damage.


These peaceful Pokémon rarely cause trouble, but in battle they can defend themselves admirably. Pokemons – Plants are generally friendly and open – great companions. Step on their toes, however, and you’ll end up smelling the flowers from underneath!


The Earth is home to these enterprising Pokémon, which benefit greatly from their natural environment. Although Land Pokémon often seem quite primitive, they have a whole array of shocking attacks to ensure their survival.


These unique Pokémon do not evolve, so it takes a lot of dedication to catch both. Despite their frosted appearance, it’s easy to succumb to their hot spell, especially Jynx, famous for its Sweet Kiss attack, which is capable of melting almost all hearts.


There are twenty-four Ordinary Pokémon, making them the second most common type, right after Water Pokémon. These Pokemon can be classified as ordinary, but they are very different from each other, and their attacks are always unique. In addition, these creatures evolve in very interesting ways.


These venomous Pokémon have an arsenal of deadly attacks that make them terrible in battle. Their aggressive appearance and toxic personality make almost all enemies stay away from them. They are capable of dealing their deadly blows without warning.


The specialty of Psi Pokemons is to bend minds at will. An attack from one of these Pokémon can cause supernatural side effects, so it’s better to stay focused when in the company of such hypnotists.


These stone-faced Pokémon are as hard as granite and can always be relied on in battle. These moving pebbles may not look too menacing, but step on their toes and you’ll soon be as cold as a boulder.


Like huge sea creatures. Water Pokémon are graceful and adapt easily to their surroundings, but they are terrible in battle. It’s no coincidence that Water Pokémon are the most common species of Pokémon – over the years they have developed specialized forms of attack and defense to ensure their survival.


Now you can recognize the species of each Pokemon. This will help you on your way to the title of Pokemon Master. Of course, your learning doesn’t stop there – true Pokemon Champions are constantly looking for new ways to learn something new about these creatures. With your newly acquired knowledge under your belt, the world of Pokemon now stands open to you. Have fun – your adventure is just beginning!

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