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The second of three series of Pokemon Merlin stickers. It consists of 202 numbered stickers. The collection came with a scrapbook, which contained a place for all the stickers, and a mass of information, such as Pokequiz, battles, Pokemon abecade.



This is the second official Pokemon sticker collection album. This time we join Ash, accompanying him on his way to his goal… And it is to become the world’s best Pokemon trainer. During the journey you will meet many new friends, not to mention a few enemies, and of course capture a whole lot of Pokemon.

We start with Ash’s first encounter with Pikachu. Then we’ll introduce profiles of Pokemon featured in key episodes of the TV series, including a new Pokemon – Togepi. You’ll find descriptions of both your favorite Pokemon, as well as accounts of classic battles they fought, such as the memorable clash involving Pikachu and Raichu, and the historic battle in which Charmander and Primeape faced each other.

So, Pokemon trainers, get ready for another dose of excitement. Collecting Pokemon stickers is what it’s all about! Remember to catch them all!

Ash is 12 years old and he is most interested in Pokemons in the world. Finally the day he longed for is coming. He can embark on a journey that will lead him towards his destiny… The boy dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master! However, before he can achieve this ambitious goal, he must pick up his first Pokemon from Professor Oaka. But what is it? Ash gets out of bed too late (the dream of his favorite Pokemon was so beautiful) and is late for the meeting. The trainer candidates have already taken all the attractive Pokemon. Ash doesn’t have much choice anymore, inside the last Pokeball the boy finds Pikachu – a strange Pokémon that can shock with its – sometimes difficult, but nevertheless electrifying – personality with shocking power.

As was to be expected, Pikachu doesn’t listen to Ash. He doesn’t change his attitude even when they are attacked by a huge herd of wild Spears. Pikachu is seriously injured and Ash fights with desperation to save him from further injury. In response to Ash’s sacrificial deed, Pikachu uses all the power he has left to play off the herd of wild Spearow with an electric discharge. Thus begins a dramatic journey together… and also a friendship between the boy and the Pokemon.

Ash, Misty and Brock wander through the dense forest, but do not lose hope… they keep pushing forward, overcoming several obstacles along the way. Despite flying off a large suspension bridge, falling into a pit and into various traps, the friends reach a village, inhabited by Pokemon that have been injured in battles or abandoned by their trainers. In this village, the Pokemon are cared for by a warm-hearted young woman named Melanie. While our heroes try to help her, the village is slowly approached by… Team R.

When Team R finds our friends, they try to suck up all their Pokemon with a super-duper and all three must unite in an effort to fight James, Jessie and Meowth. They are victorious when Ash chooses Pidgeotta, who attacks using “air wind.” Thanks to his bravery, Ash earns the right to fight a battle between Pikachu and Melanie’s bravest Pokemon, Bulbasaur. Pikachu wins, enabling its young trainer to capture another Pokemon.

Setting off on their journey, our heroes encounter a group of Squirtle, abandoned by the trainers, which is now terrorizing the town, playing all sorts of tricks. To make matters worse, the Squirtle join forces with Team R and capture Ash and his friends. When Squirtle lock Pikachu (who has suffered severe wounds) in a cage, Ash runs to get a healing potion. After the boy returns, the battle between Team R and our heroes begins.

It becomes clear that Team R has abandoned the Squirtle Gang, leaving them to fend for themselves in a moment of danger. Ash’s love for Pokemon prevails – he manages to save Squirtle from inevitable destruction. Squirtle return the favor by carrying a tired Ash out of range of the bombs dropped by Team R. As a result of the bombing, a fire breaks out and a group of Squirtle extinguish the flames with their water whips. When Ash returns he and his friends set out to continue their journey, one of the Squirtles joins them.

Reunited with Team R to survive the sinking of the ship, our heroes and their eternal adversaries fall into further oppression when they are sucked into a tornado that scatters them all over the island. Ash loses Pikachu and Pokeballs containing Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. Jessie and James, who land in another remote part of the island, also lose their Pokemon. Thus, both the Pokémon and their trainers are forced to look for each other on this strange island.

As the groups search for each other, they discover that the island is inhabited by giant Pokémon. Kabutops lets loose in pursuit of Team R, while the stray Pokémon must flee from Rhydon, Blastois and Venusaur. Ash, friends and Team R literally bump into each other and soon escape crowded in a speeding mine car. It is under these strange circumstances that they find their Pokemon. They are in danger … threatened by the inhabitants. The Pokemons of our heroes jump into the wagon at the last minute and again the trainers and their charges are together.

On the way to Ficknia, where Ash wants to get his Soul Badge, Misty is increasingly irritated by the behavior of Psyduck, who, according to the young trainer, is useless. When the friends finally arrive at the site, they discover that it is in fact a masked Ninja hideout. Once inside, they are stopped by an intricate system of traps, such as hidden walls and cheap passages. The eccentric trainer challenges Ash. Bulbasaur defeats Venonat, ensuring the boy’s victory, but when the official match with the Master begins, members of Team R fall into the stadium, bringing destruction.

The fate of everyone depends on Psyduck, who uses his hypnotic attack and defeats Team R. Ash’s match with the Stadium Master continues. The boy chooses Charmander to fight Golbat. Ash earns the Soul Badge when Charmander grabs the Master’s Pokémon in a fiery trap using a “fire blast.”

During their journey, Ash and his bunch come across a squalid, abandoned town. When they find one of the residents, a restaurant owner, they learn that the town is living in fear of Yasgym and Kasgym, who are at war with each other for the title of Official Pokemon Stadium. As tensions rise in Dark City, the stadiums discover that Pokemon inspector Sister Joy is due to pay a visit to the city. So they organize a giant battle in which they want to annihilate their opponent once and for all.

Once the clash begins, both stadiums send their most dangerous Pokemon, including Scyther, Electabuzz, Hitmonchan and Machamp. The course of the battle can easily get out of hand. Our heroes rush to the rescue, confusing the Pokemons by dousing the trainers’ gym with ketchup! The Pokemons chase after their trainers until the two stadiums join forces and attack Ash and his friends together. That’s when Pikachu springs into action: he electrocutes the stadium members and restores peace to the town.

Ash and his friends keep watch over an unidentified Pokemon egg. Members of Team R overhear Brock wanting to raise the hatched Pokemon, and steal the egg, deliberately mixing it with fake eggs. Meowth takes over the task of caring for the egg, and his desire to care for the unborn Pokemon goes so far as to make such sacrifices as bathing it and sleeping with it! Our heroes find Team R and pick up the egg as it hatches. As the two teams brood over the newborn Pokemon – Togepi, Ash suggests that only a battle can decide who gets to keep it.

Meowth defeats Brock’s Onix when it weakens the rock Pokemon with water. Ash wins against Misty when Psyduck, in his own proper way, joins the battle uninvited and allows Bulbasaur to lick and then tickle Psyduck, forcing him to flee! In the finale, Meowth doesn’t stand a chance against Pikachu’s electric properties and Ash announces that he has won the right to keep the little Togepi. Ash imminently realizes that Togepi has become very attached to Misty and that separating them could be painful for the little Pokémon, so in a heartfelt gesture he gifts the toddler to an overjoyed Misty.



TYPE: Electric

HEIGHT: 40 cm

WEIGHT: 6 kg

EVOLUTION: Pikachu – Raichu

POINT OF VIEW: Pikachu also known as Electric Mouse doesn’t like to be kept in a Pokeball.

POINT OF VIEW: In the first episode, Pikachu saves Asha from a herd of wild Spearows, from which their friendship begins.

Pikachu is the most famous Pokemon since our hero Ash chose him in the first episode. It can be very disobedient, but shows unconditional love and protects those it trusts. Its ability to produce an electrical discharge of 100,00o volts is at odds with its pleasant and innocent appearance, but makes it an extremely valuable Pokémon.


TYPE: Terrestrial

HEIGHT: 55 cm

WEIGHT: 6 kg

EVOLUTION: Meowth – Persian

POINT OF VIEW: Meowth is the only Pokemon capable of speaking with a human voice.

TURNING POINT: When Meowth convinces the Squirtle Gang that he is the leader of Team R, and Jessie and james accept it.

Meowth is the third member of Team R. Jessie and James very rarely keep Meowth in his Pokeball or use him in battle, as they see the cheeky Pokemon more as a mascot. One thing is for sure, Meowth is always on hand to help Team R protect the world from destruction, unite all humans and, of course, steal Pikachu.


TYPE: Vegetable

HEIGHT: 70 cm

WEIGHT: 6.9 kg

EVOLUTION: Bulbasaur – Ivysaur – Venusaur.

POKEFACT: Melanie describes it this way: “he’s the bravest and most loyal Pokemon I know.”

TURNING POINT: Rescuing Oddish from the paws of Team R, who attacked our heroes in the Hidden Village.

Although the Bulbasaur is not particularly large, it is characterized by great self-confidence and stubbornness, so it is extremely difficult to catch in the wild. Bulbasaur is incredibly strong, and for this reason Melanie uses it to protect the other Pokémon in the Hidden Village. Ash outright loves it when Bulbasaur attacks with its “sharp leaf.”


TYPE: Fiery

HEIGHT: 60 cm

WEIGHT: 8.5 kg

EVOLUTION: Charmander – Charmeleon – Charizard.

POINT OF FALL: Charmander dies when the flame at the end of his tail goes out.

POINT OF VICTORY: When it is close to defeat in battle against Primeape, Charmander’s fury becomes so intense that the flame increases – as a result, the Pokemon’s strength increases, and it defeats its opponent as a result.

This loyal Pokemon joins Ash when he realizes that its previous owner, Damian, has abandoned it. Ash discovers that Charmander has a kind but explosive personality and possesses tremendous power thanks to its fire blast attacks. Ash has used Charmander in numerous battles, including when he captured the wild Primeape, and when he defeated Golbat and earned the Soul Badge for doing so.


TYPE: Aquatic

GROWTH: 50 cm

WEIGHT: 9 kg

EVOLUTION: Squirtle – Wartortle – Blastoise.

POINT OF VIEW: The Squirtle gang was formed from a group of Squirtles abandoned by their trainers.

POINT OF VIEW: He exposes himself to help Ash escape Team R’s attack.

Squirtle is a popular Pokemon because it combines its valuable powers with a sense of humor. The Squirtle gang saves the forest from destruction as the group extinguishes flames with streams of water. The creatures often annoy other Pokemon and trainers with their incessant pranks. Pikachu falls victim to one of the pranks, who is tricked by a water Pokemon into believing that a large, wild Pokemon has devoured Asha and his friends.


TYPE: Aquatic

HEIGHT: 80 cm

WEIGHT: 19.6 kg

EVOLUTION: Psyduck – Golduck

POINT OF VIEW: Psyduck cures chronic headaches by releasing an incredible amount of mental energy that puts opponents into a trance.

POINT OF VIEW: He single-handedly defeats Team R, Arbok and Weezing, earning Misty’s respect.

Although he has saved Misty from trouble more than once, the young water Pokemon lover is often angry with Psyduck. Misty is very annoyed by the Pokemon, which has a habit of disappearing unexpectedly, so that she often loses important battles. However, used skillfully, Psyduck’s attacks are powerful, thus proving that this Pokemon should not be underestimated.


TYPE: Aquatic

GROWTH: 120 cm

WEIGHT: 36 kg

EVOLUTION: Slowpoke – Slowbro.

POINT OF VIEW: Slowpoke only reacts to any sensory stimuli after five seconds.

TURNING POINT: When Slowpoke transforms into Slowbro in a very lazy manner, almost oblivious to what is going on around him.

We first meet Slowpoke in episode 17, (“Land of the Pokemon Giants”). This laid-back aquatic Pokemon is happiest when it can sit on the beach and fish for Shellders. Its calm nature and careless manner make it a popular Pokemon, but when provoked, it turns into a brave and powerful fighter. Slowpoke’s higher form, Slowbro, can be distinguished by the Shellder at the end of its tail.


Trainer: Ash

#17 Pidgeotto and #10 Caterpie

Trainer: Team R

#23 Ekans AND #109 Koffing

Team R interrupts our heroes’ journey through the Vertan Forest, assigning Ekans and Koffing a task: they are to steal Pikachu. Ash sends Pidgeott to stop their attack, but when Pidgeott is injured, he reluctantly chooses a tired Caterpie, to the evident amusement of Jessie, James and Meowth, who think Caterpie is no match for their Pokémon. However, when Ekans and Koffing presume to attack, Caterpie produces a siecm that restrains Team R’s Pokémon, rendering them defenseless. Team R suffers defeat. As our heroes celebrate the victory. Caterpie transforms into a Metapod, making his dream of becoming Butterfree just one stage away.

Trainer: Ash

#25 Pikachu

Trainer: Melanie

#01 Bulbasaur

Ash AND his company defeat Team R in the Hidden Village and Melanie suggests that Ash take Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur tells Melanie that he will only go with Ash if one of the boy’s Pokémon defeats him in battle. Ash eagerly seizes the opportunity to fight Bulbasaur and chooses his favorite Pokemon, Pikachu. During the clash, Bulbasaur entangles Pikachu with its powerful “wild vine.” Pikachu, however, counterattacks and confronts Bulbasaur, then creates an incredible electrical charge that defeats Bulbasaur and allows Ash to capture another Pokémon.

Trainer: Ash

#25 Pikachu

Trainer: Surge Sergeant

#26 Raichu

In his quest to earn his Lightning Bolt badge, Ash challenges Sgt. Surge, but is overwhelmed with anxiety when he realizes that Pikachu will face off against the much larger and more powerful Raichu. Ash’s Pokemon is badly injured, but after resting in the hospital, he wants to try again. Brock suggests that even though Raichu is stronger, Pikachu is much faster than it and could tire out its opponent with its mobility. Ash takes advantage of this strategy and Pikachu avoids injury by dodging Raichu’s attacks. As a result of the long and hard fight, Raichu gets tired and weak, so Pikachu easily defeats him and earns the Lightning Badge for Ash’s unmitigated joy.

Trainers: Ash, Misty and Brock

Ash, Misty and Brock’s Pokémon

Wild Pokémon

#73 Tentacruel

$1 million is the prize for whoever eliminates the entire population of Tentacruel. The Pokemons are standing in the way of plans to build a luxury resort. Despite Horsea’s warnings that the attack will cause confusion, Team R wants to seize the opportunity to get rid of these Pokémon. As predicted, an enraged Tentacool transforms into a giant Tentacruel, which wreaks havoc on the island. Our heroes send all their Pokémon to overthrow the reign of terror and restore peace. After a short battle, Pikachu convinces the giant Tentacruel that its future is no longer in danger. Tentacruel and Tentacool return to the ocean, and Misty is in seventh heaven when Pokemon Horsea decides to join their pack.

Trainer: Ash

#12 Butterfree

Trainer: Jessie and James

Team R

Our heroes discover a pack of Butterfree looking for mates. The group must comfort Butterfree Ash when one Butterfree he likes spurns him. To make matters worse, Team R catches the entire Butterfree flock. Angered by Team R’s behavior toward the Butterfree herd, and led by his love for Pink Butterfree, Asha’s Pokemon ends up in the villains’ sald…. After fighting Jessie, James and Meowth, he frees the pack thanks to an attack that shatters the cage with the trapped Pokemon. Overwhelmed with emotion, Pink Butterfree’s heart is conquered and Ash gives his Pokemon a blessing on a new path in life.

Trainer: Sabrina

#64 Kadabra

Trainer: Ash

#25 Pikachu

Ash returns to Safrania to face Sabrina’s dark powers and earn the Swamp Badge. Knowing that she needs a Spirit Pokemon, Ash recruits a Haunter, but when they get there, the Pokemon disappears. As a result, Sabrina transforms Misty and Brock into miniature dolls. Ash reluctantly chooses Pikachu to face Kadabra, but the boy’s favorite Pokemon is fooled by a psychic attack. Just when Ash is already beginning to fear that he will share the fate of his doll-transformed friends, a haunter appears and starts fooling around here in front of the girl’s nose. Pokemon Spirit makes Sabrina and Kadabra laugh, which in effect drives the evil out of them. While Kadabra is rolling with laughter, Pikachu is victorious

Trainer: Ash

#04 Charmander

Wild Pokemon

#57 Primeape

Ash has been struggling with the wild Mankey ever since it stole the young trainer’s favorite cap. Attempts to capture Mankey irritate to just. When Team R shows up, Mankey is so enraged that he transforms into Primeape. Ash is very anxious to capture Primeape and resorts to the help of many different Pokémon to achieve this goal. He uses a “water whip,” then chooses Bulbasaur for its famous “sharp leaf” attack. Ash finally chooses Charmander and, as Primeape packs punches on the fiery Pokémon, Charmander counterattacks with his “flamethrower,” which stuns Primeape, allowing Ash to finally catch it.

Trainer: Dario

#85 Dodrio

Trainer: Lara

#77 Ponyta

Our heroes come to watch the performance of their new friend Lara Laramie in the race. Against Lara, Dario, together with the R-Team, arranges an accident, which means that Lara cannot compete. Ash decides to race Ponyta and beat the competition favorite, Dario. When the race begins, it becomes obvious that Team R has properly “prepared” the route and many participants fall into their traps. Only Ash and Dario remain on the battleground. When Dario orders his Pokemon, Dodrio, to attack Ponyta, Lara’s Pokemon transforms into Rapidash, which is far too fast and powerful for Dodrio. Rapidash overtakes Dodrio at the finish line and wins this memorable race.


Ash is a teenager from the small town of Alabastia whose goal is to remain the best Pokemon trainer in the world. On his journey, he joins forces with Brock, the energetic leader of the school in Marmoria, and Misty, a pretty yet serious trainer with a large collection of aquatic Pokemon. This scatterbrained bunch always manages to stay one step ahead of the doings of the wicked members of Team R.


Team Rocket is an association of ruthless Pokemon trainers. Its members aspire to rule over all Pokemon, after which they dream of ruling the world. Jessie and James are two prominent members of Team Rocket, who, acting together with the malicious Meowth, try to prevent Ash from achieving his goal. Team Rocket never misses an opportunity to try to capture the boy’s Pikachu or set up an ambush on our heroes, aiming to steal their Pokémon. Fortunately, they rarely succeed.


On his way to the title of Pokemon Master, Ash acquires a lot of secret knowledge. And what is the state of your knowledge about the fascinating world of Pokemons? Test your memory by taking part in a fantastic Pokequiz.

Misty is famous for collecting water Pokemon, but which one is her favorite?
I’m 40 cm tall, weigh 25 kg and before the transformation I was a Polyvagus. Who am I?
The name of which popular Pokemon consists of five letters, although four of them are the same?
Which Pokemon is listed in the Pokedex under the number 151?
In the first episode, we see this Pokemon in battle on Asha’s TV screen, and we get to know it in episode twenty-three. What is the name of this Ghost Pokemon?
I’m one meter tall, weigh 13 kg and am the second stage of Bulbasaur evolution. What is my name?
Which Pokemon defeats Pikachu when Ash first challenges Brock to a fight in episode five?
Which Pokemon can transform into one of its opponents?
Which character was created in the Pokemon Laboratory on the island of Cinnabar?
I love sleeping more than anything and often only a Pokeflet can wake me up. Who am I?
In episode six, Ash and our heroes defeat Team R. Which Pokemon are helping them?
Which Pokemon has the legendary ability to cheer up trainers, in addition to caring for the injured at the local hospital?


The fascinating world of Pokemon houses many fantastic places, adventures, battles and various characters. There’s something for everyone when traveling with Abra, so delve into the Pokemon abecadal with us.

A for Abra, a psychic Pokemon that can read minds
B as Beedrill, a fast and vicious Pokemon with venomous attacks
C as Charmeleon, a popular Pokemon, a higher form of Charmander
D as Dragonair, a Pokemon weighing as much as 200 kg
E as Electabuzz, found mainly in power plants
F as Fuchsia, the stadium where Ash earns his Soul Badge
G as Graveler, a Pokemon transformed from Geodude
H as, Hitmonchan, a Pokemon-boxer with a lightning-fast punch
I as Ivysaur, a plant Pokemon the next incarnation of Bulbasaur
J as Jigglypuff, able to sing a beautiful song that causes its enemies to fall asleep
K as Krabby, whose weapons are powerful pincers
L as Lapras, a rare Pokemon used to carry passengers across water
M as Machamp, a Pokemon with four arms and a powerful punch
N as Nidoking, a strong Pokemon that uses its tail to grab and crush its victims
O as Oddish, which was protected by Bulbasaur in the Hidden Village
P as Professor Oak, a friendly Pokemon expert from Alabastia
Q as Q quality mark for the best trainer
R as Rhydon, a Pokemon that lives underground in extremely high temperatures
S as Seel, which uses its horn to break up thick ice
T as Tauros, whose three heads combine into one when it wants to apply a stronger grip
U as Underwater, where you’ll meet Pokemon such as Lapras, Magikarp and Gyarados
V for Voltorb, a Pokemon famous for self-destructing in a no-win situation
W as Wartortle, a higher stage of Squirtle, likes to lurk underwater when hunting its prey
X as “XL” size Pokémon for example Arbok, Dragonair or Onix
Y as Ysagym which fought Kasgym in the episode “Fight in Dark City”
Z as Zapdos, a dangerous Pokemon capable of flying and electrocution


During their many adventures, Ash and Pikachu meet many new and interesting Pokémon, but few are as impressive and memorable as the incredible sight of the powerful transformed forms of Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise. For many trainers, these giant Pokémon pose the greatest challenge, but capturing one of these powerful creatures requires quite a bit of talent. Weighing more than ten times as much and three times as tall as before the transformation, these huge Pokémon can crush many opponents with a single attack. As you can see in the growth chart below, Pikachu reaches Charizard’s knees! We present the characteristics of these three giant legendary Pokémon….


TYPE: Fiery

HEIGHT: 170 cm

WEIGHT: 90 kg

Charizard is the third and final phase of Charmander evolution. This giant creature is one of the most dangerous Pokémon due to its awe-inspiring form, incredible strength and attacks in which it breathes fire capable of melting boulders.


TYPE: Vegetable

HEIGHT: 201 cm

WEIGHT: 99 kg

Venusaur’s huge stature is enough to scare off most Pokemon trainers. This giant Pokemon, the last phase of Bulbasaur’s evolution, is easy to recognize thanks to the huge plant on its back. The plant blooms when it absorbs solar energy. Venusaur loves the sun, and its rays provide him with energy, so be on the lookout!


TYPE: Aquatic

HEIGHT: 160 cm

WEIGHT: 85 kg

Nearly three times larger and almost ten times heavier than Squirtle, this brutal Pokemon is fearsome in battle. It has water cannons on its shell, which it uses in quick clashes.

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