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Crystal Onix mysterious Pokemon from animated series

Crystal Onix is an unusual Pokemon that appears in the 89th episode of the Orange Islands series. It is an mysterious creature with different characteristics than the standard Onix we may know from TV screens or game series.

Description of Episode #89: Crystal Onix

While traveling in the Orange Islands, Ash and his friends find a letter in a bottle that contains a request for information about the crystal Onix. When they reach the Sun Islands they meet Mateo and his sister Marisa, who run a poorly performing Pokemon glass figurine store. Mateo tries to catch up to his grandfather’s artistry in making statues, but lacks inspiration. Ash and his friends set out to help catch Onix, and Team Rocket also appears on the island. Attempts to track down the unusual Pokemon with the help of Venonat failed, then Marill with his extraordinary hearing springs into action. He pointed to a neighboring island, getting to it was possible through a hidden passage. Initially, the heroes fall into a large hole dug by Jessie and James. After getting out, they find the R-Team in their own snare previously set for our heroes. After getting to the island, the tracks lead to a nearby cave. Its walls are full of crystals and in the middle is a lake with extremely clear water. After a while, a crystal Onix emerges from it! Mateo tries to attack with Cloyster, but it has no effect. Again Team Rocket enters the game, heals Misty effectively drives them away. Mateo’s Charmeleon joins the attack, his effective attacks make Onix go up in flames. This moment is crucial, as Mateo experienced inspiration and abandoned the idea of catching this unusual Pokémon. From now on, he creates amazing sculptures. As a farewell, he handed Ash a small glass Pikachu.

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Crystal Onix's Characteristics

The Crystal Onix, compared to the ordinary one, was not of the stone/ground type, its exact type was not known, but it certainly differed from the original. However, it was characterized by other features or resistances.

  • Immunity to water attacks: it was invulnerable to Closyer’s water attack, also its environment, i.e. the lake in the cave, indicated that compared to ordinary Onix, it was completely immune to water, which was extremely dangerous for an ordinary representative of the species.
  • Sensitivity to fire: the attacks used by Charmeleon Mateo were extremely effective, thanks to them Onix would burst into flames and just two attacks were enough to knock the huge Pokémon into the lake.
  • Inspiration: As with his grandfather, Mateo also experienced an unusual encounter, ending with him being inspired to create beautiful sculptures. This makes it possible to assume that this is one of the creature’s skills.
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Is Onix made of crystal the Shiny version?

Many have speculated that the Crystal Onix would be a version of Shiny. These unusual creatures were introduced in the second generation of the games and were still little known when the series aired. However, this information is not true. The Shiny version has a different color and does not have any additional properties relative to the original, other than a different color and special stars that appear when the Pokémon is released from the Poke Ball.

Other than an episode of the animated series, it has never appeared in the main game series. So it is not an official regional form or Shiny version.

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Summary information

Crystal Onix is a special version made for the Pokemon series. Many times on TV screens we have seen one-off unusual events that do not appear anywhere else. The same is true of Onix, which was adapted specifically for the episode’s plot. Of course, the creators like to return to many things after years to make fans happy, it would be worth mentioning the return of Buterfree, returning to his trainer after a 22-year hiatus! Therefore, we can’t rule out the possibility that we will still hear about the crystal Onix in the future.

Perhaps he will appear as a regional form or as a curiosity in the form of an in-game quest. So far, all information about him comes from one episode of the series.


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