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Gold Pokemon cards – Are they original Pokemon cards?

In recent years, the popularity of Pokémon cards has risen again, and new trends have begun to circulate among collectors. One of the most coveted items has become gold Pokémon cards, which immediately attract the attention of Pokémon enthusiasts and children alike. These unique and luxurious cards are now not only collector’s items, but also desirable investment items. You never know when The Pokemon Company will release the next card worth a fortune.

Gold Pokemon Cards – What are they and are they an original collector’s item?

Ultra Rare or GX are limited editions of Pokemon cards that are released in various products or sets in the Pokemon TCG series. In the past, such cards were rare and almost impossible to get for the average player. However, in recent years, due to the growing popularity of Pokémon, the number of rare gold-colored cards available has increased, and their price has reached astronomical sums. So if we hear that a child wants gold Pokémon cards, are we thinking of the same cards?

Of course, these are ordinary cards that we can use to fight opponents, they have their attack, defense and are fully playable.

Collectors, therefore, when talking about gold cards, have in mind, for example, Secret Rare cards or the well-known products such as the Ultra Premium Collection Charizard Box – where we get as many as two gold-plated cards, Pikachu and Charizard. So it’s hard to say unequivocally which cards exactly we’re talking about, since officially there are no cards in the TCG game that are described as gold.

Where to buy Original Pokemon TCG cards?

When a child asks us for gold cards, he probably has in mind counterfeits, which can easily be bought on Ebay. He has certainly seen them in school, where they are now a popular toy. They often come in the form of decks, sometimes actually made of metal.

If there are no hobby stores in our area, then we will probably be faced with online shopping. If we care about original pieces to add to our collection then we should choose reliable places such as Cardmarket. When we buy them on popular auction sites then we should always check the description of the offer. Unfortunately, most ads in the TCG card category contain misleading information. Also, there are known situations where the customer can’t count on the service to help with non-original cards or misleading descriptions. Buying quickly, we are vulnerable to fraud, we should always try to get the necessary data before buying.

What is the value of the original cards? Are Pokemon gold cards worth a lot?

There are many different gold Pokémon cards, each with its own unique history and meaning. However, the most valuable ones are not gold at all. One of the most sought-after is “Pikachu Illustrator,” which was a prize in a special competition in Japan in 1998. Only 39 of these cards were produced, making them extremely valuable. Other popular copies include “Charizard” and “Mewtwo,” which are beloved by Pokémon fans around the world.

The price of such Pokémon cards can be staggering. Some of them reach hundreds of thousands of dollars at auctions and on the secondary market. However, the value of these cards is often volatile and can change significantly depending on demand and market trends. Therefore, collectors and investors need to be cautious and oriented to changes in this industry.

Should you buy non-original gold Pokemon TCG cards for your child?

Here we will not dwell on the moral issues involved in buying non-original cards. Sometimes a child wants them so much that all attempts to explain them fail. We can’t require the child to understand the whole situation, he just wants a toy he knows from the school hallways. If the child has such cards, or we plan to buy them for him, let’s make sure that they will not be resold (purchased for personal use) and the child will know that they are not original. This will begin to create more awareness about the problem of counterfeits. In our opinion, however, it is not worth buying them.

Gold Pokemon TCG Cards – Summary

Despite the controversy, gold Pokémon cards continue to attract attention and fascinate both new and experienced collectors. They are a symbol of prestige and luxury in the world of Pokémon cards, and owning them can be a source of pride for enthusiasts. However, it’s important to remember that the true value of these cards lies in the love of Pokémon and collecting, not just in their market value.

After all, gold Pokémon cards are an icon of the current collecting period. While they may evoke mixed feelings, there is no doubt that they are a fascinating aspect of the Pokémon world and provide an opportunity to express passion through various forms of art. For many people, they also represent an investment that can bring great returns in the future. Whatever one’s approach to gold Pokémon cards, it’s worth appreciating their beauty and impact on the collecting world.

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