Venustoise an unusual combination of Blastoise and Venusaur

Venustoise is an unusual combination of Blastois and Venusaur, he made his debut in an episode of the first series of the Pokemon animated series called “Spirit of the Virgin Mountain.” Over the years, he has piqued the interest of fans of the series. Is he, therefore, Venustoise? We will try to answer all the questions.

Episode description of the Pokemon series - The Ghost of Maiden's Peak

Ash and his friends set sail from Port Vista and head to Maiden’s Peak. Brock seems sad, during the conversation he admits that he feels bad because the bikini season is over and he has to wait until next year to meet a girl. The ship is followed by Jessie, James and Meowth, sailing in a wooden bucket attached by a rope to the ship. Upon reaching the shore, the heroes see preparations for the festival, Brock notices a mysterious girl on the pier and immediately falls in love. A moment of inattention is enough for the girl to disappear, for a split second showing that it is Pokemon Gastly. James also becomes infatuated by the mysterious stranger.

Brock is not enjoying the festivities and keeps thinking about the woman he saw, he is puzzled by a mysterious old woman. She declares that this stranger is his cruel destiny. Team R is looking for money at the festival, they also run into the old woman, who also tells James about destiny and the woman. They all head to the shrine, where once a year an image, which has been there for 2,000 years, is unveiled. The painting depicts the woman James and Brock have been sighing for. The woman has been dead for 2 thousand years, she was in love with a young boy, but he had to go off to a terrible war. She waited for his return for so long that she turned into a rock statue.

After reaching the statue, Ash, Misty, Meowth and Jessie try to pull the lovers away from the statue, clearly they are infatuated with the rock. The heroes go to rest at the Pokemon Center, which is near the port. The R team sleeps in sleeping bags, they are awakened by a mysterious ghost that came out of the shrine. The same phantom appears to Brock, and the next morning there is no trace of the boys in love with the girl. After a small argument, it turns out that they burned the lock on the shrine.

A mysterious old woman appears again, tells how the same situation happens every year. She offers anti-spiritual stickers, although she wants money for them. Everything is covered with stickers. After the night comes, the ghost appears and these safeguards have not impressed him. He then kidnaps the boys from the temple. Jessie attacks the phantom and it counterattacks, Ash tries to identify the strange creatures sent to attack. He accidentally directs the Pokedex at the ghost and finds Gastly’s Pokemon!

venustoise obraz kobiety
Mysterious Woman Painting

The battle begins. Into the battle comes Pikachu, the ghost Pokemon turns into a giant mouse trap and effortlessly chases away the electric mouse. Meowth enters the fight, but is confused by the ball toy. Ekans moves next, but is confronted by a mangy illusion. Koffing is just as quickly overpowered. In the end Ash chooses Charmander, unfortunately he has to save the flame on his tail from the fire extinguisher. Frustrated Ash chooses Squirtle and Bulbasaur, then Gastly sends Venusaur and Blastois into battle, for fun he combines them together and the famous Venustoise is created. Its size frightened the smaller Pokémon and they surrender. When the bells on the island ring out, Gastly flees, hates the light and promises to return next year, for the next festival.

At the end of the event, boats with lanterns are released along the river into the sea to light the way for any stray souls. Gastly bids farewell to the spirit of the girl. The heroes have fun at a festival to celebrate the end of summer. So Brock has to wait another year to meet the girl.

What is Venustoise?

Venustoise is a combination of the final forms of Squirtle and Bulbasaur. It was created by a ghost Pokemon – Gastly. Unfortunately, no of his abilities were presented, we can assume that it is purely an illusion created to scare the opponent. Since his debut, he has gained recognition from fans and has been the subject of many theories.

Its merger is very similar to a fusion known from another anime, Dragon Ball Z. The Pokémon lined up in an identical position as warriors looking to merge into one temporary super fighter.

The name Venustoise can also be used to describe the deck for the Pokemon TCG game. This deck is mainly based on cards with Blastois, Venusaur and their previous evolutionary stages.

fuzja venusaura i blastoisa
Venusaur and Blastoise Fusion

Is Venustoise a Pokemon?

Venustoise is not an official Pokemon. It was created as a combination of two starters and, aside from its debut, has not appeared again in the series or in other Pokemon gadgets. It was created for an episode and there is no indication that it will ever appear on screen again. It has gained a lot of fan interest and is often featured on Pokemon fan cards.

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