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Beyblade Spinners Lay’s

Beyblade Spinners Lay’s Spinners 30/30 Complete 100% BEYBLADE SPINNERS DESCRIPTION Beyblade Spinners were a series of Tazo-style rotating chips added to Lay’s and Cheetos brand chips. Each spinner was packaged in a plastic extrusion, which additionally contained a plastic center to squeeze out. After assembling the spinner, we were given a toy, in the shape …

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tazo star wars gwiezdne wojny dodawany do chipsów lays

Star Wars Tazos Lay’s Cheetos

Star Wars Tazos Lay’s Tazo 50/50 Kompletna 100% TAZOS STAR WARS DESCRIPTION Star Wars Star Wars Tazo, is a series of 50 numbered Tazos. The chips could be found in Frito Lay chips such as Lay’s, Cheetos and Ruffles. They were made of plastic, with indentations on the edges with which they could be combined. …

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lugia pokemon flesz pokemon tazo

Pokemon Tazos Flesz Lay’s

Pokemon Tazo Flesz Lay’s Tazos 33/33 Complete 100% POKEMON TAZO FLESZ DESCRIPTION Pokemon Tazo Flash – A series of 33 double-sided tazo. A fluorescent stripe was added around the Pokemon images, which when exposed to sunlight, glowed in the dark. All of the tokens depicted Pokémon from the second generation. Each tazo was described by …

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